Basketball Tips: Shooting Accuracy

Basketball Shooting Tips

Not everybody who plays ball will become a basketball superstar. Only a handful rise to that status. There are a few names worth mentioning along that line: Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, MJ Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. That is just to name a few. There are more stars than superstars, but I will no longer mention them here because the NBA’s all-star cast is plenty.


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But you can be a star in your own right. You can shine. Your game can improve. Your teammates and your coach will see. But above all, you will be happy and satisfied with your game. All you need is determination and perseverance. And some basketball tips to improve your offensive game.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Offense is the best defense.” If your team can outscore your opponent by big margins, that is a better formula than defensive rebounds and blocking shots. Because in the end, the team that wins is the team with the most points scored. In other words, what wins games is still the mindset that the team that makes the most baskets wins. Your team may have the best defensive players in the league, but if you don’t have shooters and scorers your team would not be that intimidating.


There was a time when tall, big men did great offensive damage to their opponents. That was the time of Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But today, the focus has turned on versatile guards and forwards; ballplayers who can handle the ball with extreme skill and players who can shoot and players who can do both. Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul are two of the best ball handlers in the league. So is Steph Curry. But he can also shoot, with a 47% FG. Lebron James has a 50% FG.

What does this tell you? First and most important, focus on shooting. Make shooting accuracy your main objective. Coaches often give playing time to players who can shoot with accuracy and score. Shooting style is secondary. Shooting accuracy is one thing coaches look for.


You can test your shooting accuracy from the free-throw line. Do the 10-out-of-10 drill. In this post-game or post-workout drill, you will take 10 shots from the free-throw line. Your score in 10-out-of-10 will be your FT% (free throw percentage). Repeat the drill 3-5 times. This drill generally establishes your shooting pulse and improves your shooting accuracy.


Practice your jump shot. Do jump shot drills.

1) Hold the ball as you would on a jump shot.

2) Take off (elevate) as if you are going to shoot the ball.

3) Don’t release the ball but bring it back down to your original position.

Then as soon as you land on your feet, repeat three times, but on the third time shooting the ball. You should make the shot. That is the point of the drill. You can either take off with both feet flat on the ground or with one foot getting leverage. Do this from different distances from the basket and different angles.


Always remember, the more you practice shooting accuracy the better scorer you will become. The two drills above are meant to improve your shooting accuracy by developing your muscle memory. The more repetitions, the more your eyes, pulse, palms, arms, legs, your whole body remembers how to shoot with a high degree of accuracy. You will improve as an offensive player.


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