Fun Basketball Drills That Improve Court Skills

Got Skills?

People play particular games for love. In most cases, they tend to rely on their natural abilities to break-even. However, relying on the natural skills is not a guarantee that you will succeed in any game. You will need the necessary skills and coaching if you need to sustainable playing any game. Basketball is one such game that requires extensive skills and training in order to improve athletic performance. Enjoyable practices are even more effective. As such, there are various fun basketball drills that improve court skills and techniques of the players, while still giving them an exciting creative experience.  Article Sponsor: Mid Day Dog Walker.

Some Fun Basketball Drills Every Player Should Master

The Two-Ball-Dribbling drill tremendously enhances ball handling skills using both hands. In basketball, you have to know how to dribble the ball. Knowing how to dribble the ball with any of your two hands is a great step towards becoming successful. Using two balls in this drill helps players concentrate despite the distraction of using two hands simultaneously. To make it more fun, you can either use a stationary simultaneous dribbling, using stationary variations or even bounce one ball high and the other one low. However, you should always ensure that you hold your head up to know where the ball should go as well as make other effective decisions within the game.

3-Man Weave Drill
It is a very reliable drill for improving your movement and speed. Through this drill, team players can easily monitor their movements on how to be effective in the court. The secret is to take the ball down the court at extremely high speeds, without letting it touch the ground even once. The trick in this drill is passing the ball then going behind the receiver as quickly as possible.

The Curl-Fade-Cut
If you are a guard or forward who is always on the move, this is a drill you should master if you want to succeed in basketball. A player’s ability to recognize their defender’s off-screen guarding techniques makes one a smart player. You should curl if the defender is trailing behind the offense. Consequently, fade if he moves over the top of the screen and still in a good position to attack. Finally, make a backdoor cut if the defender is extremely overplaying and gambling on a possible pass. The best part is if you manage a shot amidst these moves by having the defender confuse their defense.

Loosening the Ball Drill
If you want to be a great player, this drill requires you to put your body in line for your team’s success on the court. It helps you in developing a one-on-one competition for physical and mental stamina. Besides, you develop fast response time and quickness skills which are essential in basketball. In this drill, the player who gets to the ball first immediately tries to score on the other player.

The Bulldog Drill
It is an excellent drill if you want to develop your dribbling techniques and still maintain high speeds while running. When dribbling, you should always keep your head up. This helps you locate a free/open teammate during the game. In this drill, the coach selects two players to serve as bulldogs by making them stand at the middle of half court. The work of bulldogs is to get the ball out of the hands of other players but still maintain their dribble.


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