Basketball Drills For Beginners Like You

Fun Basketball Drills

Did you know basketball is the third easiest sport to play in the world? And also the seventh most popular sport according to world atlas?

Well, if you are a newbie to the game and you’re scared about where and how to start, worry no more because, in this article, we will look at five simple and fun basketball drills for beginners like you. The most important skills you need to start is just your passion and commitment. And with time, you’re going to be an advanced basketball player.



Mikan Drill

With this drill, you go under the net you move two steps to the left side of the net with the ball in your hand. Hit the ball against the backboard with your left hand with the aim to score (layup). You then catch the ball from beneath the net( Rebound) and you repeat the same action with the right hand. Make sure you practice the drill continuously for about four set per 15 repetitions while alternating your hands and also make sure the ball doesn’t hit the court until you are done with the drill. And make sure you take two the ball before scoring after each rebound.



In Between The Legs Drill

This drill should help you when it comes to dribbling in between the legs. With your legs slightly opened and with the ball in your hands, you bend your waist a bit leaning forward. You then move the ball in between your legs in the figure of eight while you alternate between each leg. Do not stop when you alternate between the legs but make sure it is continuous. Do this for 50 repetitions and should help you when it comes to dribbling and gripping the basketball.

Some variations of this drill are moving the ball around your waist in a 360-degree manner continuously.

You could also move the ball around your head.

Note: This should be done on a daily basis


Simple Form Shooting Drill

This helps you to get your shooting form. With this drill, you stand at the free throw line and you take three or four step towards the rim. You then shoot the ball from the distance set in the form of an arc and make sure you flick your hands when you’re about to release the ball. This drill should be repeated until you become comfortable shooting the basketball. You can try this drill from different sides of the court near the rim but at short distances from the rim.

Note: Make sure to raise fully extend the arm and also raise your feet a bit above the ground when shooting as this will give you ball a better arc.



Pound Dribble

This drill helps with your dribble and bouncing, so basically you stand with you two feet slightly opened, then you squat a bit or stay low. After the squat and with the hand you’re comfortable with, you stand to bounce the bound on the side of your leg, increase the intensity of the bounce with time and after 20 to 30 bounces, you switch hand by crossing the ball over and repeat the drill.

This should help you stay low when dribbling the basketball in a game making it hard for the defender to steal the ball.



Change of Pace Dribble Drill

In a game, one of the basic moves to help you get by your defender is a change in pace dribble. Now, this is how you practice the drill alone.

You go to the baseline of the basketball court then you bounce the ball towards the division line of the court with your right hand. When bouncing towards the sideline, you hesitate after three bounces then you explode. Do this till you get to the division line then you switch hands.

When you switch hands, you can either continue till you get to the other baseline of the court then you turn back and start with the right hand again or you can make a turn and bounce back when you get to the division line of the court.

When you commit to doing these drills stated above for about a week or two, you should be good in shooting, making basic layups, bouncing the basketball, and dribbling the ball as well. There is no need for you sitting down any longer, get your sneakers on and go practice these fun basketball drills for beginners like you.

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