Basketball Drills for Beginners – Basic Fundamentals for Kids

Get Down To Basics

No game can be won all by oneself. it needs teamwork and without teamwork, no matter how good you are, you won’t be able to achieve victory. This goes for every game, especially in Basketball. one team might have many talented players, but if they are not united, the team will lose to a normal rated team.

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For teamwork to actually work, you have to know drills very carefully so that you can utilize every opportunity to get. By using the proper drill method, you will be able to pass to your teammate quite easily or dodge your opponent. Today I am going to discuss with you five basketball rules that will help you to increase the chance of winning the match.

Continuous 3 on 2 Passing Drill:

It is one of the most basic fundamentals for kids. By this, you will be able to dodge your opponent quite easily and If the opposite team is playing in a defensive position, you have to use this drill to pass safely.

  • Position: Keep two players in the defensive area and three on forward. One should be in the middle section and the others too would be on the two different corners so, the attacking players will make a triangle in the opposition area. It will help them to make pass quickly and accurately.
  • Passing: Try to make as many passes as you can. if you guys are getting a hard time while attacking, switch back the ball to your defenders and then slowly move forward. after a while, you will see that the defenders are divided and it will allow you to have an open space. Pass the ball immediately to the player who is in the center and he will be able to score easily.

Spider Dribble:

For keeping the ball in your position, you can rely on spider dribble. It is one of the most popular basketball drills for beginners. Spider dribble is used when you are surrounded by 2 or 3 opponent players. buy this you will be able to dodge them quite easily and safely make a pass to your or your teammates.

  • Procedure: First you have to spread your legs and have to make enough space between. When the opponents will try to get the ball, drop the ball quickly. Now hit the ball with left hand and then with the right. Take the ball behind and follow the same procedure but this time start with a right hand and then left. Your opponent will be dodged by it and you will have a chance to make a pass quickly but don’t do spider dribble for too long, otherwise, your opponent will know where you will drop the ball next.

23 Cones Shooting Drill:

In Basketball, most of the time you have to shoot in tough situations. In this drill, players are kept under high pressure and have to shoot almost immediately after getting the ball. It improves their accuracy and they will also be able to score from far distances as well.

  • Procedure: Divide your players into 2 teams and give each of them one basketball. A player will pass the ball to one of his teammates who will be sprinting toward him. Then after getting the ball, he has to shoot it immediately and if we can score, the team will be awarded one cone. The drill will have 23 cones. After the cones are achieved by two teams, the match will be ended and the team which will have most cones will be the winner.

Red Light, Green Light Footwork:

To have control of the ball, there can be no better drill than this. it helps the players to make sudden moves and jumps when the opponent is trying to play in defense. It also helps to keep control of the foot while sprinting.

  • Procedure: Tell your players to stand in a parallel position. give one ball to each player. Now tell them to sprint when you will say start and instruct them to jump stop whenever you will say stop. when they will have full control of sprint, tell them to dribble the ball in left or right. They have to do this immediately and stop after hearing your instruction.

Defensive Specialist:

When your opponent will play in full aggressive formation, this will be your trump card to win the match. As much as it helps to defend, you can make a sudden attack by it when they are a defense is weak.

  • Procedure: You have to put two cones parallel but they must have quite a good space between them. First, a player will sprint between the cones and dribble quickly in front of it. Suddenly he will take the behind and dribble in front of the other cone as well. quickly he has to slide past them and throw the ball next to another player who will follow this procedure after him.
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Thank you for visiting our site.  As you can see basketball is a passion for us, and helping kids to learn the basics is very important.  We know when you understand the basics an work as a team your skill level will continue to rise.   If you have any questions please contact us here.    We also ask that you visit our sponsor San Antonio Pressure Washing