Basketball Dribbling Drills for Beginners

Dribbling Drills

Basketball exercises help players learn the basics of the game. They help encourage the development of the skills they will need to play. These simulations cover skills such as teamwork, dribbling, passing, and lay-ups. They also help the coach to assess the strengths of the players and what position would be appropriate for each player.


Here are some easy basketball drills for beginners.

The double dribble is considered a good warm-up exercise. It helps to improve the coordination and concentration of the players. This exercise requires dribbling two basketballs at the same time for five minutes for each player. As each player improves, the difficulty can be increased by having the player focus on a distant object while performing the exercise.

The speed dribble is a drill used to increase the speed of the dribbler. This not only moves the player faster on the court but also decreases the possibility of the ball being stolen. Players must dribble to the center of the court, bouncing the ball as little as possible. As you refine this skill, you can increase the difficulty by reducing the number of bounces each time.

Around the world drill: the ball should only touch the tips of the fingers and not the palms. Pass the ball around the head, around the waist, around both legs, around the right leg, around the left leg and figure eight between the legs. Do this as fast as you can. Repeat each of the following steps. This must be done twenty times going to the right and another twenty going to the left. This exercise does not imply dribbling, but it is excellent for developing hand coordination.

Catch and swap: First, you put the ball between your legs. The next thing is to get the ball with the right hand in front of his body and the left hand in the back. Once you are holding the ball between your legs, you release the ball and immediately transfer your left hand to the front of your body and your right hand back and then you catch the ball. This is probably the most difficult exercise to master. You can do this repeatedly until you can finally do it without dropping the ball.

Figure Eight: legs apart, bend with one leg forward. If it looks like you are about to run, you are doing the correct posture. Dribble the ball as low as you can. Once you have found your balance, start dribbling the eight-shaped ball around your legs. Repeat doing this until you can dribble the ball more and more. The more the ball goes down, the more difficult this exercise will be.


Beginning players generally do not make the plays in the game. During this time, teamwork and passing are skills that must be taught. An exercise to teach these skills is called giving and receiving. Players are taught to dribble a couple of steps and pass the ball to an open player. This is repeated with each team member on the court.

At first, lay-ups can be difficult for new players. Drills should be given to teaching them the proper form and technique. This will give them the confidence and skill they need to do it correctly. In this exercise, the player stands on the free throw line, dribbles once or twice, takes a step and then rolls the tray.