5 Best Drills For Youth Basketball Players

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Basketball is one of the favorite ball games for kids and youths all over the world. A hoop and a ball are everything that is needed to start a game and is one of the reasons for the sport’s popularity.

Kids of all ages come together to play at school, in their backyards or on street courts. The more they play, the better they get. Add in a little talent and some amazing basketball players start to emerge at a young age already.

This does not mean that you won’t have to train a lot to improve. As with anything, repetition makes the master. Yet with effort and consistency, our 5 best drills for youth basketball players will help you make improvements to your game quickly.

#1 – One-On-One Drill
Playing a lot is the most impactful advice to give to any advancing youth basketball player. Doing so in a one-on-one constellation is the most engaging and intense form of practice.

It makes sure that both players are continually engaged and are challenged to apply their skills to all aspects of their game.

Foot movement, dribbling, shooting, rebounds – you name it, any move you can think of will be covered in a one-on-one.

To really help youth players to improve, limit the number of allowed dribbles and ad in other rules that will focus on performing certain actions.

#2 – Passing Drill
To get better at passing you don’t need to invent any complicated team drills. A simple wall does the job. As it automatically hands the ball back to you and can keep you in constant motion.

You can practice all the basic passes using a wall to bounce the ball back. Overhead passes, chest passes or bounce passes are all possible.

To make this drill a bit more challenging try to really focus on form and add in moves like fake passes and strong footwork.

#3 – Dribbling Drill
Learning to dribble better is to simply improve your feel for the ball movement. So how can you improve dribbling with one ball?  Yes, you are right – use two balls.

Double the balls and double the ball-handling and coordination that is needed.

Challenging the motor skills of a young player is very beneficial, especially as it is imperative to use the “week hand” as well.

Start with straight dribbling and learn to add more advanced challenges like movement, speed and crossing the balls

#4 – Shooting Drill
Everything else just simply leads up to the finisher – The shot itself. It is how you score, that’s why perfecting it is so important.

It’s all about form. For this, you need to repetitively practice the same steps and aspects of the perfect shot day in and day out.

No matter if you are using one or two hands make sure to do it over and over again. This trains your muscle memory and helps you to automate your decisions in the clutch moments of a game.

#5- Movement Drill
The quicker your feet, the harder it is for your opponent to read your moves. Your movement will help you with any aspect of your basketball game. So, keep on practicing.

Line hops are a very good way to become faster on your feet. Try side to side, front to back and even mix it up.

The most important drill of all is to simply have fun. Make an effort to be consistent and you will see fast improvements, but never forget to enjoy yourself while playing. After all, it is just a game.

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