10 Simple Drills Every Basketball Player Should Do

Simple Drills

Do you want to gear up your score? Yes – then coach yourself to perform drills which will ‘shoot’ your game to the next level. Do not undermine the import of basketball drills. NBA players take their drills seriously, and you should too!

Dexterous ball handling, sprinting with agility, and free throw shooting is not enough. The disciplined regimen is required. Drills like shooting drills, dribbling drills, passing drills, and offensive-defensive drills are essential if players truly wish to pull their act together. Drills focus on different skills such as shooting or delivering a pick and roll with accuracy.

basketball drills

10 Simple Daily Drills Every Basketball Player Should Do

Ricochet – Plant yourself with feet shoulder-width apart. Holding the ball in front bounce the ball at 45-degree angle between your legs and catch it behind you.

Mikan Drill – This drill is for players who wish to improve their footwork. Named after remarkable NBA player George Mikan, the drill is standard for players. It repeatedly requires the player to shoot a layup with one hand, rebound with alacrity and shoot a layup with the other hand. This helps them build up speed and coordination in their footwork.

Dribbling Drill – In control drill, the player practices dribbling with his dominant hand and maintains a defensive mode with the other hand. Crossover drill is also a great means of improving your game. Dribble the basketball with the right hand on the right side and then dextrously make a crossover to the left side with left hand repeatedly.

Passing Drill – As a team, each player should be trained impeccably to make a pass and avoid easy scores for the opponent team. This drill requires three players and targets sprinting and passing skills. Positioned sequentially, the three players practice passing the ball to each other and in this way, reinforce their skills.

Free Throws – Free throws are tough ones to handle. Start by practicing five free throws. For each false throw, do sprints. Keep up the drill and keep a tab on how many times you end up in the foul free throw. That should keep you going.

Defense Drill Figure 8 – Defense is crucial. Set a target and mark a square boundary around the target. With eyes on the target, sprint diagonally across the square covering all corners in this way. Repeat the sequence. Ideally, take this drill three times with each set comprising of minimum four sprints.

Rebounding Drill – Being expert in rebounding the ball is as fundamental as knowing how to shoot or pass the ball. Judge if a shot is long, short or from left or right. Gauge the position of the shooter and place yourself accordingly. Shoot yourself high to grab the ball while still high up and keep it high after the rebound for you to keep the grab.

Bulldog Drill – Speed is of the essence in any basketball game. Practice dribbling while on the move at a high speed. The target is to cover half-court in 10 seconds. Relatively simple, it is not easy to dribble, run and be on the lookout for the players trying to knock the ball.

Two Ball Drill – This one also targets at raising your threshold level in dribbling. Start from the baseline and hold both basketballs at waist level. Do a front cross with both balls while dribbling and advancing on the court at a walking pace. Remember the dribbling should be waist high.

Wall Passing – Build up on behind-the-back passing skill. Stand at a distance of 10 feet from the wall. Bounce the wall against the wall with one hand and catch it with the other. Repeat this motion cyclically.

Last but not the least, the most important drill – focus on the goal. Remember that the goal is where your opponent will constantly try to assault. It is also where all your other drills should be focused.