Turn Your Players Into Great Passers With These Basketball Passing Drills...

It's all about team... When the ball's moving around and everyone's getting involved, scoring will come quite easily.
Passing is a great way to conserve energy and get good, open shots. The chances of turnovers are a lot lower too when the team is passing well.
This page contains a handful of basketball passing drills that you can use with your team...

The passing drills in this section are a good start, but remember, basketball coaching is about a lot more than running some drills. What you need is a whole system.

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Below, you can read the different basketball passing drills in this section:


Basketball Passing Drill #1: PASS & GO CIRCLE

Make a circle at midcourt, diameter about 4 meters. One player in the middle. First player passes to middle player, and goes after his pass. Middle player passes to next player in circle (clockwise) and moves into circle to replace the spot where the previous player came from. Ball may not touch the ground, use chestpasses.

Make it a competition by demanding 100 passes from middle to outside of circle without dropping the ball. If ball hits floor, start over again, and let players count loudly. If done well, also try overhead passes.

Basketball Passing Drill #2: STEP AND PASS

Start of with a line in the middle of the foul line and another line on the out-of-bounds line. Start with the ball at the foul line. Face each other then start to side step down the court giving each other a chest pass every 2 o 3 steps. Do not let the ball hit the ground!

Instead of just a chest pass, also try a bounce pass and a over the head pass.

Basketball Passing Drill #3: TEAM POST DRILL

-Players start at the wing and post positions on each side of the key while the other players line up in two groups at the top of the key. The first player in each line has a ball.

-The first player in each line passes to the wing player, using a chest pass.

-The wing player on each side passes to the post player, using a bounce or lob pass.

-The post player on each side pivots and throws an outlet pass to the first player in the opposite line.

-The first player in the line moves to the wing, the wing moves to the post, and the post moves to the end of the opposite line (everyone follows their own pass).



-Player 1 has the ball and stands under the basket. Player 2 and player 3 stand on each side of the baseline.

-Player 1 throws the ball off the backboard and makes an aggressive rebound.

-As soon as player 1 grabs the ball, player 2 and player 3 sprint to the outlet areas.

-Player 1 then throws an outlet pass to either player 2 or player 3.

-Player 1, player 2, and player 3 now stay in their lanes and pass the ball up the court by passing the ball from sideline to middle to sideline and back.

-The first pass received by either player 2 or player 3 beyond the half court line is taken on the dribble to the basket for a layup.

-The player on the opposite side of the player making the layup hustles and contests the layup.

-Player 1 rebounds the shot and the drill is repeated.

Basketball Passing Drill #5: MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE

-Player 1 and player 2 stand 3-4 meters apart. Player 1 has the ball. Player 3 is the defensive player, and stands between players 1 and 2.

-Player 3 guards player 1 and tries to deflect the pass from player 1 to player 2.

-Player 1 works on ball fakes and steps through the defense to make the pass.

-When player 2 receives the ball, player 3 hustles over to contest player 2's pass to player 1. Player 2 must wait until player 3 is on him before he attempts a pass.

-Player 3 stays in the middle and defends both passes until he gets three deflections.

-Players rotate so that all three defend the passes.

Basketball Passing Drill #6: 2 ON 8 PRESS DRILL

-Players should get a partner - try to have a forward and a guard in each group.

-The first two will attempt to inbound the ball on the baseline.

-The other eight players (4 groups of 2) will play defense in the following areas:

--2 from the baseline to the foul line extended (denying inbound pass).

--2 from the foul line extended to half court.

--2 from half court to the foul line extended at the far end of the court.

--2 from the foul line extended to the basket at the far end of the court. INSTRUCTIONS: Partners attempt to move the ball all the way up the court to score at the opposite basket.

Each group of 2 defenders plays man to man once the ballhandlers reach their area.

Once the ballhandlers leave the previous area, those defenders drop out.

Defenders should look to double team the ball whenever possible.

Basketball Passing Drill #7: 3 ON 2 PASS/CUT

Player 1 takes ball out of bounds and attempts to inbound to Players 2 and 3. Defensive players are denying and applying pressure on the ball. Play continues until both team have had an offensive opportunity. The offensive players CANNOT dribble the ball!

Basketball Passing Drill #8: 5 MAN WEAVE

Begin with 5 players at one end of the court. Pass and go behind (weave) the person shooting the lay-up and the person who passed the ball to shooter immediately sprint to cover the defensive basket. The closest person to the rebound takes the ball out of the basket and passes to nearest offensive person to initiate a 3 on 2 situation. At the other end of the court play continues until the two defenders secure the ball via rebound/steal or the offense scores.

Basketball Passing Drill #9: BOSTON CELTIC DRILL

Two Players (C) are on the half court line, on the left and right side of the jump circle. Two players (A) with the balls are standing under the two baskets. The rest players (B and D) are in the 4 corners of the full court. The TWO players with the ball start at the same time. INSTRUCTIONS: The first pass goes to the next player(B) in the right corner. After his pass he's running to the other side and gets the ball back from player (B). The passer (B) runs to the next spot at the half court line.

Then he (A) passes to the player (C) at the half court line and receives the ball back. The passer (C) runs to the next spot at the corner.

Then he (A) passes to the player (D) in the right corner, gets his ball back and makes a lay-up. After his lay-up he runs in the left corner.

Player (D) makes the rebound and it starts new.

Basketball Passing Drill #10: POST FEED KICK OUT

The SG starts with the ball at the left wing of the arc. The PF moves to catch the ball near the low left post, who then posts up on his man. (This will draw the SG's check.) Now he can take the shot or kick it back out to the SG who has moved either to the corner or near the top of the key.

Basketball Passing Drill #11: PASSING GAME SHOOTING DRILL

One person is at the top of the key with another at the corner and the there is a line with two balls in it found in between those two players. This is done on both sides of that half court. INSTRUCTIONS: The first person in line passes the ball to either one of the men standing at the top of the key or the corner. After he does that he picks for the man that he didn't pass the ball to. As that person comes off the pick the other person holding the ball passes it to him and he catches and shoots and after the shot he goes and gets the board and takes to the other line and gives it to the person without the ball. This should be happening in the other line at the same time. You do this drill for five minutes and depending on the skill level they should be able to make a certain amount in that time. 




Basketball Passing Drills