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What’s the Best Way to Improve Shot-Making…During Games?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Last time, we talked about the importance of offensive
rebounding… in particular how second chance points can overcome a
bad shooting night.

Well, today we’re going to talk about ways to prevent bad shooting
performances… or at least reduce their frequency.

It’s proven that teams that practice “Game-Situation” shooting
drills shoot a better percentage than teams that simply practice
stationary shooting drills.

So, that’s why we’ve gotten NCAA Coach Bennie Seltzer to allow us
to reveal one of his great “Game-situation” Shooting drills:

*Layup, Elbow, Corner*

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Boost In-Game Shooting Percentage With This Awesome Drill

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Today, you’re gonna discover a quick and easy drill that can help
improve in-game shooting, basketball conditioning, and
the ability to knock-down shots under pressure…

Imagine, if your players never had to dribble, but they could score
10, 20, 30 points in a game and become a scoring machine?

Here’s the drill that will help your players become lethal in-game

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Quickest Way to Improve Off-the-Dribble Game

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Do you know the quickest way to improve a player’s off-the-dribble
game? Do you know the fastest way to beat a defender, get to the
hoop, and make a play?

This email is going to be short and to the point. No complicated
drills, nothing fancy. Just a simple tip that will make your players
twice more effective with the ball.

Ok, so in 1-on-1 basketball, or even 2-on-2 or 3-on-3, players have
a lot of room on the court. They can dribble almost as much as they

But, 5-on-5 basketball is MUCH different. Not only is the floor
crowded, but there are 4 other teammates that are just going to
stand around and watch you if someone dribbles too much.

So the 1st step in improving the off-the-dribble game is to …
stop dribbling as much! As simple as it sounds, this tip is very
valuable, and you’ll see why in a minute.

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The Single Best Drill to Teach Great Individual Defense

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

We know what makes your skin crawl, your blood boil, and your
temper flare…

Bad defense…thats what you hate. When your players can’t seem to
contain the other team, it really ticks you off. We can’t blame
you. Almost every coach’s worst nightmare is terrible individual
and team defense.

You can work on team defense in practice, by setting up different
formations and running various drills and plays…

But, individual defense is hard to teach, because you just don’t
have the time in practice to work with each and every player. It is
each player’s own responsibility to improve their individual
defense in their own spare time, so all you have to focus on is
teaching defensive formations.

The reality is that most players love offense, and they hate
defense. In this email, we’ll give you some individual defensive
tips that you can share with your players.

Take 1 or 2 practices to share these defensive tips with your
players and tell them that it’s their own personal responsibility
to improve at an individual level.

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Develop Killer Low-Post Players Who Dominate the Paint

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

A Big Man(Or Woman) that plays in the low post can help you
dominate the competition…

If you’re a youth coach, then find the tallest kid on your team
and develop him/her into a post player…its that important.

If you coach high school and up, then you already know the value
of throwing it into the post for easy buckets. Even if the big-man
gets double-teamed, then other teammates are wide open for outside
shots. So, having a big-man who can score is awesome!

To help you develop good post-players, we’ve prepared a free
2-part series called: “How to Dominate in the Low-Post”…

Part 1 of this series shows you: How to Get Position in the Post &
Receive the Pass.

Part 2 of the series shows you: How to Develop Low-Post Moves to
Score with the Ball.

Part 1 includes some diagrams, so we have it available for you at
this url:


The above url is Part 1. You’ll find free info with diagrams and
details that’ll show your players how to position in the post.

Once you finish Part 1, move on to Part 2, below:

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Improve Passing Skills in the Open Court

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Drills are the backbone of every practice.

Without’em you’re left with a bunch of guys simply
hangin’ out…not improving…and showing the same

The only way to improve is to use drills that are
fun and challenging…

…and get your players *game-ready* and pumped
to perform.

Later on, we’ll reveal specific things that you
can show your players so they can dominate
the low-post and get a TON of points in the paint…

Dominating the paint is where the BigMoney Is…

But for today, we’re going to start with something a
bit more “fundamental”…

We’re going to help your players improve their passing
skills in the open court…

They become good at passing in the open-court…you get
a lot of easy buckets…its a good deal.

So here goes a great passing drill you should use:

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3 Ways to Immediately & Dramatically Improve Your Players

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Here are 3 things that you can immediately do to develop your players
AND improve your Coaching right now…

1) Boost Your Players’ Conditioning Level & Athleticism. (the more
energy, endurance & athleticism they have, the more you’ll win.)

2) Develop Their *Gametime* Jump-Shooting. (there’s a huge difference
between shooting well in practice versus shooting well in games.)

3) Increase Their Basketball IQ/Intelligence. (this is very
important, if your players can increase their understanding of the
game, they will improve continuously)

Today (keep reading below), we’ll show you how to boost your players’
conditioning level & athleticism…

And then over the next few days, we’ll share with you specific tips
& drills for developing your players’ *gametime* shooting…

…and finally reveal to you the absolute BEST way to increase
their basketball IQ and intelligence, without any extra work on
your part.

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The Secret to Good Performance in a Game

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Dear Coach,

In our last email, we showed you the importance of planning an
effective basketball practice. You learned the different elements
of a successful basketball practice, including the selection of
offensive & defensive formations…

Today, we want to share the secret to good performance in a ball
game. This secret can help your players develop skills,
conditioning, and confidence.

The secret is effective drilling, or choosing the right set of
basketball drills to run in practice…

The importance of carefully selected, organized, and well-executed
drills cannot be emphasized enough. All drills should compliment
your offensive & defensive formations, while stressing
fundamentals, improving conditioning, challenging your players, and
keeping them motivated.

The purpose of drills is to stimulate game conditions as much as
possible and improving individual as well as team skills. A coach
has to decide what drills to use and how long to spend on them.
They should be simple and competitive, while covering as many
techniques as possible. Its good to be selective, so you’re not
using too many, or too complicated, drills.

The coach must take his time explaining each drill in great detail,
so they can be absorbed by the entire team. The coach should give
the reason for each drill and thoroughly explain the correct
technique because:

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