The Single Best Drill to Teach Great Individual Defense

We know what makes your skin crawl, your blood boil, and your
temper flare…

Bad defense…thats what you hate. When your players can’t seem to
contain the other team, it really ticks you off. We can’t blame
you. Almost every coach’s worst nightmare is terrible individual
and team defense.

You can work on team defense in practice, by setting up different
formations and running various drills and plays…

But, individual defense is hard to teach, because you just don’t
have the time in practice to work with each and every player. It is
each player’s own responsibility to improve their individual
defense in their own spare time, so all you have to focus on is
teaching defensive formations.

The reality is that most players love offense, and they hate
defense. In this email, we’ll give you some individual defensive
tips that you can share with your players.

Take 1 or 2 practices to share these defensive tips with your
players and tell them that it’s their own personal responsibility
to improve at an individual level.

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