The Secret to Good Performance in a Game

Dear Coach,

In our last email, we showed you the importance of planning an
effective basketball practice. You learned the different elements
of a successful basketball practice, including the selection of
offensive & defensive formations…

Today, we want to share the secret to good performance in a ball
game. This secret can help your players develop skills,
conditioning, and confidence.

The secret is effective drilling, or choosing the right set of
basketball drills to run in practice…

The importance of carefully selected, organized, and well-executed
drills cannot be emphasized enough. All drills should compliment
your offensive & defensive formations, while stressing
fundamentals, improving conditioning, challenging your players, and
keeping them motivated.

The purpose of drills is to stimulate game conditions as much as
possible and improving individual as well as team skills. A coach
has to decide what drills to use and how long to spend on them.
They should be simple and competitive, while covering as many
techniques as possible. Its good to be selective, so you’re not
using too many, or too complicated, drills.

The coach must take his time explaining each drill in great detail,
so they can be absorbed by the entire team. The coach should give
the reason for each drill and thoroughly explain the correct
technique because:

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