Improve Passing Skills in the Open Court

Drills are the backbone of every practice.

Without’em you’re left with a bunch of guys simply
hangin’ out…not improving…and showing the same

The only way to improve is to use drills that are
fun and challenging…

…and get your players *game-ready* and pumped
to perform.

Later on, we’ll reveal specific things that you
can show your players so they can dominate
the low-post and get a TON of points in the paint…

Dominating the paint is where the BigMoney Is…

But for today, we’re going to start with something a
bit more “fundamental”…

We’re going to help your players improve their passing
skills in the open court…

They become good at passing in the open-court…you get
a lot of easy buckets…its a good deal.

So here goes a great passing drill you should use:

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