Develop Killer Low-Post Players Who Dominate the Paint

A Big Man(Or Woman) that plays in the low post can help you
dominate the competition…

If you’re a youth coach, then find the tallest kid on your team
and develop him/her into a post player…its that important.

If you coach high school and up, then you already know the value
of throwing it into the post for easy buckets. Even if the big-man
gets double-teamed, then other teammates are wide open for outside
shots. So, having a big-man who can score is awesome!

To help you develop good post-players, we’ve prepared a free
2-part series called: “How to Dominate in the Low-Post”…

Part 1 of this series shows you: How to Get Position in the Post &
Receive the Pass.

Part 2 of the series shows you: How to Develop Low-Post Moves to
Score with the Ball.

Part 1 includes some diagrams, so we have it available for you at
this url:


The above url is Part 1. You’ll find free info with diagrams and
details that’ll show your players how to position in the post.

Once you finish Part 1, move on to Part 2, below:

Read the rest of this article HERE

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