From Jump-Hooks To Power Moves, These Big Man Basketball Drills Create a Killer Front-Line...


Look at any great team in history, and they all have one thing in common: A great center.

Truth is, offense runs through the center. The center is the focal point, helping to stabilize the floor, and serving as a go-to-option.

As a coach, a lot of your plays are going to go through the big man, so its in your best interest to polish him/her up.

This page contains a handful of basketball big man drills that you can use with your team... 

Big Man Basketball Drill #1: MIKAN DRILL

This drill is very simple, but DO NOT under-estimate its effectiveness...

You should be under the basket laying it in with one hand off the block, 20 consecutive buckets from each side (left and right).

Big Man Basketball Drill #2: PUSH

This is more of a tip rather than a drill, but either way, it works great. Push as hard as you can against the defender. As soon as you feel him/her push back, quickly step aside. The defender will fall forward and you can blow by them!

Big Man Basketball Drill #3: DROP STEP DRILL

3 people start in the drill. 1 ball is placed at the first line above the block on one side and the same on the other block. One player starts as the post player while each of the other two players is assigned a ball to put back at the same spot after every shot.

The player who starts as the post player jumps stops to the first ball, picks it up, chins the ball, checks inside, than makes a drop step move to score. The same thing is than done to other side.

This continues for 30 seconds and then you switch spots with a team-mate. The next player goes through the same routine for thirty seconds. As the players get advanced, after they make the post move, he/she should jump quickly and touch the net before going to the next side. The post moves progress to up/under, jump hooks, and so on.

Big Man Basketball Drill #4: POST-UP HOOK SHOT

With your back to the basket, work your way to the center of the paint, up til about 10 feet from the rim.

For shooting with the right hand - fake a move to the left, with body and/or head fake. Then quickly spin left until at your left shoulder is at least pointing to the rim, however start bringing up the ball BEFORE spining to the basket with your right hand from your waist. Use your left arm to pin defender away as you extend your arm fully straight up, and flick the ball with your wrist into the basket.

In summary: Post up, get to middle of paint, fake to the opposite direction that your are going to shoot, bring the ball up and turn to the rim, extend and shoot.

Big Man Basketball Drill #5: IRON MAN

Players: - a passer from the wing - a man at the post - a line with three defenders

To begin you must inform the defenders in to guard the post in different ways (half front lt.or rt. full front or double team as one is help side position)One of the defenders focuses on denying the ball.

The post needs to get himself open while a defender is denying. He needs to read the defense in order to know where he wants the pass to be made. The wing passes the ball. The post then uses a move (powerstep crosser ect.)

If the player make it he continues, if not rotate.