Free Basketball Drills

If you're looking for free basketball drills, then this is the right place for you! Whether you're a coach or a player, solid basketball drills are needed to help you take it to the next level...

We literally have HUNDREDS of free basketball drills on this site, ranging across many different categories such as ball-handling, shooting, rebounding, defense, warming-up, conditioning, passing, big-man, and more.

In team basketball, the key to making the most out of drills is to select a few good ones from each category, and practice them consistently. Often times, we've seen coaches switch up the drills too often. This doesn't promote mastery in any specific drill. You're better off letting your players get really good with the drills that they're doing and then moving on to more challenging ones. After all, neuromuscular reflexes and motor skills and coordination take time to develop. You may actually be hampering progress by not practicing certain drills enough.

Also, its important that at any given time, you stick with a small number of drills from each major category. This is also to help promoto maximum skill, coordination, and speed within the specific drills you're doing. Its best to select drills that closely mimic game speeds and conditions, so your players are well prepared to handle tough gametime competition.

As an individual basketball player, if you want to improve your game, then you need to focus on individual basketball drills, better known as basketball tips. Individual basketball drills focus on skill enhancement rather than team play. If you really want to improve quickly, we suggest choosing drills that get you in great condition while enhancing your skills. For example, after doing a couple of rounds of shooting drills in which you have your friend rebounding the ball for you, your should do a couple of rounds of shooting drills in which you grab the rebounds yourself. You'll notice a difference in how tough it is to run around and take shots!

Conditioning + Skill + Athleticism = Great Basketball Players!

There are lots of free basketball drills available on the internet, but the cream-of-the-crop, the championship drills, are available in premium collections such as the Elite Basketball Coaching System and the Elite Player Improvement System.

Now, there are several categories for you to choose from. Most of these apply to both coaches and players and they are as follows. The "tips" are for players and "drills" are for coaches.

Ball Handling: One of the most essential skills in basketball. Guards need to be particularly good at this. Ball Handling Tips | Ball Handling Drills

Defense: Stopping the opponent wins championships, hands down! Defense Tips | Defense Drills

Passing: Get your teammates involved and score easy points. Passing Tips | Passing Drills

Rebounding: The other half of defense is getting the ball. Rebounding Tips | Rebounding Drills

Footwork: Great, smooth footwork can make you really excel on the court. Footwork Tips | Footwork Drills

Mental Toughness: Psyche out your opponents and be prepared for clutch situations. Mental toughness tips

Shooting: To win, you have to score, its as simple as that! Shooting tips | Shooting drills

Vertical Jump: This helps your overall game, offensively, defensively, and in rebounding. Sky-rocket your vertical jump

Basketball Conditioning: Do you burn out in the 4th quarter? Conditioning tips | Conditioning drills

Transition Drills: Run the other team right off the court with heavy-attacking fast breaks. Transition drills

Big Man: Many coaches ignore these types of drills that can help develop low post monsters. Big man drills

Combination Drills: Our favorite...these drills focus on multiple skills as well as conditioning all at once. Combination drills

Choose from the above selection of free basketball drills, practice, and watch the improvement!