"Ball Fake" Basketball Shooting Drill

Being a good shooter means more than just working on your positioning and your release. A great shooter is also a great scorer, and in order to score, you need to know the tricks of the trade...

Many times, a shooter may not be wide open to take a shot. Other times, he/she may need to come off a screen, or maybe even take a couple of dribbles before pulling up.

A good shooter should have a scorer's mentality, and he/she should always be on the lookout for tips, techniques, and drills that can help him/her get off better shots.

The following is a basketball shooting drill that every player should practice, and every coach should use. The names of this basketball shooting drill is "Ball Fake"

"Ball Fake Shooting Drill"

Ball fakes are important because they help create space between the offensive player and the defender. Creating space is really the key to getting a shot off, second only to proper form and release. If a player can effectively create space, then he/she will increase their scoring average and boost their field goal percentage.

Here's how to do the ball fake shooting drill:

1) Player 1 stands under the basket with the ball, acting as the passer and rebounder.
2) Player 2 is at the left elbow, preparing to catch the ball and shoot it.
3) Player 2 moves from the left eblow to the right elbow, catches the pass, squares up to shoot, and does a pump fake. He then takes one step to the basket and shoots a short jumper. Player 1 rebounds.
4) Player 2 slides back to the right elbow, catches the pass, and repeats step 3.

This entire sequence continues until Player 2 has made atleast 10 shots. At that point, Player 1 and 2 switch positions and repeat the ball fake shooting drill.

Even though this drill seems rather simple, its effective for the following reasons:

- You only need 2 players to do this drill. Ball players can work on this in the off-season or on off days.
- Coaches can use this as quick supplemental shooting drill that teaches the players to fake effectively.
- Ball faking allows easier shots to be taken by allowing better looks at the hoop.
- Even if the defender doesn't leave their feet on the ball-fake, he will atleast pause momentarily, which gives the offensive player a chance to drive to the hoop.
- Getting a defender in the air is a good way to draw fouls.

Its simple basketball shooting drills like this that can really help improve  your shooting skills by teaching you to create space between you and your defender. Basketball is a game of using the right moves at the right times, and one of the under-rated and easiest moves to execute is the simple ball fake.

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