3 Ways to Immediately & Dramatically Improve Your Players

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Here are 3 things that you can immediately do to develop your players
AND improve your Coaching right now...

1) Boost Your Players' Conditioning Level & Athleticism. (the more
energy, endurance & athleticism they have, the more you'll win.)

2) Develop Their *Gametime* Jump-Shooting. (there's a huge difference
between shooting well in practice versus shooting well in games.)

3) Increase Their Basketball IQ/Intelligence. (this is very
important, if your players can increase their understanding of the
game, they will improve continuously)

Today (keep reading below), we'll show you how to boost your players'
conditioning level & athleticism...

And then over the next few days, we'll share with you specific tips
& drills for developing your players' *gametime* shooting...

...and finally reveal to you the absolute BEST way to increase
their basketball IQ and intelligence, without any extra work on
your part.


*Boost Conditioning & Athleticism*

So here's a quick routine you can put into your practices to
quickly and easily increase your players' conditioning & athleticism...

No matter how young or old your players are, they can greatly
benefit from being fast, athletic & energetic...

But here's the thing, most conditioning drills you see today are NOT
done correctly...

Typically, you'll see players doing suicides and sprints on the court
endlessly until they gas out.

These type of "traditional" conditioning drills do very little to
increase athleticism...

...and that's the key, running specific drills that simultaneously
improve conditioning AND athleticism at the same time.

Now, the best way to increase athleticism is to target & train the
fast-twitch muscle fibers, or in other words, those muscles responsible
for speed & power.

And the best way to target the fast-twitch muscle fibers, the muscles
responsible for speed & power, is to do fast, intense exercises
WITHOUT reaching fatigue...

So basically, once a player reaches fatigue and starts to slow down,
the fast-twitch muscles aren't being trained anymore.

So here's a quick drill you should introduce into your practices, no
matter the age of your players:

*Factor 8 Sprints*

- Have your players line up and sprint hard from one end of the court
to the other (hoop to hoop), and then sprint back to their starting

- Have them rest exactly 60 seconds.

- Repeat the sprint again, having them sprint to the other end of
the court and then sprinting back to their starting position.

- Have them rest for exactly 60 seconds again, and repeat this drill
until the players have completed 8 total sprints/cycles.

- Explain to your players that they have to sprint hard, running
at 70-80% of their max speed (have them stretch out properly).

- Their initial take-off should be sudden and explosive. They should
"shoot out of the gates" explosively from their starting position.

- Each week, DECREASE the rest time by 15 seconds. So in week 2,
they will only get a 45 second rest between sprints, and in week 3,
a 30 second rest, and then in week 4, a 15 second rest.

This drill will absolutely do WONDERS for their speed & quickness,
while getting them so well conditioned that you'll be amazed at the

While the other coaches run "suicides" and endless running drills,
you'll incorporate this special routine into your practices, and your
players will be faster and better conditioned, no doubt.

In the next email, we'll cover a quick tip to help improve your
players' *Gametime* jump-shooting, because the only shots that
matter are the ones they hit during games.
Until then,
Its about more than winning or losing...
Its about Honor, Prestige and Respect.
Qualities that last a lifetime.
This article is featured in our popular "Elite Coaching" Newsletter. Subscribe to "Elite Coaching" for free here...